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As part of our marketing strategy, we approach businesses in the local area. Usually, we identify ones that we can help. Sometimes, we come across a business that is doing very well and going through a growth stage. If that website is poor or outdated or has no SEO implemented, we reach out.

In our minds it’s a no brainer, with money to reinvest, this would be an ideal time to update their website. However, this is not always the case. A few short sited business owners will say something along the lines of “we’re growing, why would we need a new website”.

However, I’ve seen the story unfold many times, an established company doing well on the sales side of things and growing. Then, a few years later, sales have started to dry up, competitors have invested online and suddenly that business has plummeted and is now fighting to stay afloat.

There are several reasons why your business needs to keep its website updated regardless of your growth.


Firstly, impressions are crucial, nearly 90% of b2b customers will look for an online presence before making a purchase. Upon landing on an outdated website, it can often give off the impression of a business that has fallen on hard times, uses outdated equipment/methods in their products or services and gives off a lack of care and attention to their business.

Over time, this can cause sales to decline.


If your end goal is to sell your business, then your online presence could be crucial. People buying businesses tend to look at details such as websites, visitors, online leads etc, to make sure growth can continue.

If a business has built a sales funnel on relationships it could start unravelling as key personal leave the business. A website generating leads helps create peace of mind.

As a web designer and digital marketer, we know how difficult it is to sometimes overtake competitors who have built and continued to invest in their websites. One of the many ranking factors is domain age, this is difficult to catch up with.


Start-up businesses are always looking for channels to exploit to establish themselves. If they enter a market and the competitors have no online presence, this presents a perfect opportunity to attract and gain customers.

Once a competitor has decided to invest in a website and marketing, it will be difficult to catch up. For example, if they have written 20 blogs targeting particular keywords. Then to overtake your blogs need to be longer, have better quality and gain higher value backlinks. You will most likely need to invest more than they did to compete.


As the global pandemic proved, we don’t know what’s around the corner. With working from home and furlough becoming mandatory, businesses without an online presence struggled.

Building an online presence can help you communicate with customers and also drive new leads.

Whilst new leads might not be important when you are busy, there will be times it might shift, you don’t want to be left with salaries to pay and no new business coming in.

Whilst it’s sometimes hard when your business is going well to work on changing things. You might be struggling for time for example. It’s imperative that you invest in your website and marketing to build a long and sustainable business. If your website needs updating and would like a free no-obligation quote. Get in touch.

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