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Understanding SEO and How it Can Help Your Business

Unfortunatly simply launching a website will not result in lots of traffic and sales.

Now you may have a social media account with thousands of loyal followers which you can promote it to, however, many do not. Therefore you need to think about how you will attract people to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of those marketing options. Initially, it can be one of the areas that require lots of investment and time to get going, especially with brand new domains. However, over time it is certainly one of the most powerful and can yield great results for many years to come.

With consistency you can continue to yield great results and drive relevant traffic to your site.

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Get Started

The Process

What Does SEO Involve?

There are several things needed for a successful SEO Strategy including:

  • - Meta Data (Implementing page titles and descriptions)
  • - On Page Content (Making sure content focuses around keyword, readability and competes with other content).
  • - Domain Authority (Building links from reputable and relevant sources).
  • - Long Tail Keyword Targeting (Targeting search terms that can bring new sources of traffic through blogging).

These key things can really help cement your website online, we appreciate you might not have time or knowledge to roll this out. That's where we come in, we can research and design a package to suit your current needs. Overtime, this should help you compete in this area.

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Target Keywords

Implementing Your SEO Strategy

It all starts with understanding your business, what you sell, what you think people search and your competitors. We then take this information and run it across our tools to estimate traffic levels and competition.

We then implement the results across your existing content, adding or reshaping your metadata.

Once the initial SEO has been implemented, we can then start work on targetting new traffic, improving your domain authority and writing blogs that attract long tail keywords

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