Who is Kevin Box?

Early Career

Kevin, an alumnus of the University of Chester with a business management degree, embarked on his career journey at a telecom startup known as Cloud Net upon graduation. His role as an e-marketing coordinator encompassed a multitude of responsibilities, spanning web design, SEO, social media, and video production. Amid the challenges of propelling a fledgling enterprise, Kevin unearthed the formidable potential of SEO, triumphantly propelling the company to the pinnacle of search results for the coveted term 'Business Phone System,' an impressive feat for a modest telecom firm boasting a mere five-member team.

Regrettably, Cloud Networks, a WiFi provider for McDonald's, contested our broadband services, leading to a legal dispute and necessitating a company name change. The intricate process of rebranding came at the cost of diminished rankings and revenue, delivering yet another profound lesson in the realm of SEO.

Director Experience

Undaunted by setbacks, Kevin forged ahead, reuniting with his former Managing Director to establish Sipcentric, where he was swiftly appointed as the E-marketing Director. In a close-knit team, they continued to thrive online, diligently cultivating the brand through an array of blogs and social media initiatives. The company steadily expanded, eventually promoting Kevin to the role of Commercial Director. However, acknowledging the wisdom in gaining further insights and experience from others, he pursued new opportunities.

Change of Role

Kevin embarked on a chapter with the Air 21 group, specialising in call centre technology, where he served as a Product Manager. Here, he honed his skills in client engagement and support, concurrently overseeing the social media and SEO endeavours on the company's website. Unfortunately, internal discord at a senior level led to the departure of two key directors, precipitating the exit of numerous clients.

Launch of Pug Mug Marketing

Following a period of professional upheaval, Kevin decided to chart his own course, launching a business offering an array of services, encompassing web design, SEO, social media management, graphic design, and video production. However, with the impending arrival of his first child, Kevin opted to return to full-time employment to ensure financial stability.

Brief Return to Work

His subsequent role was with Skirting4U, an interior mouldings company, where he identified and revamped their SEO strategy, revamped meta tags, intensified blogging efforts, and collaborated with influencers to enrich the website and social media content. Notably, he initiated their Instagram and YouTube channels, curating video content with over 700,000 views.

Business Return

With a second child on the horizon, Kevin sought to balance work and family life, returning to self-employment at Pug Mug Marketing while simultaneously assuming the part-time mantle of Head of Marketing at Primo, a spin-off from the Air 21 group. This strategic arrangement afforded him the flexibility needed to nurture his own business.

At Pug Mug Marketing, Kevin has successfully collaborated with a diverse clientele, spanning manufacturers, dance schools, opticians, and cleaning services. His adeptness lies in crafting visually appealing websites engineered for conversion and implementing SEO strategies that attract new audiences.

For professional connections and insights, you can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

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