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Creating content for your website is important. It allows you to compete with competitors within search engines. Content could take on a variety of forms including a blog, videos or images. Many businesses struggle to create regular content and to keep a steady flow being produced. In this blog, we take a look at issues businesses face when creating content.


Many small businesses with smaller budgets struggle to create content as they chase perfection. They may want blogs written in a particular way and have well-designed images. This causes the business to want to try to run before they can walk, as they simply don’t have the resources to be perfect.

Larger businesses can hire expert writers, graphic designers and video production specialists. This allows a higher level of detail as they can put the time and effort into making it as perfect as possible.

I’ve often worked with small businesses that wish to match the exact qualities of a larger business for a fraction of the price. If the business is lucky enough to be able to hire an in-house marketer, they are likely to possess a range of skills to produce content. This means they might not be as polished as professionals such as graphic designers or writers with a degree in English. But they are likely to be able to get the job as a whole done more effectively.

Managers often crush the passion of in-house marketers as they chase perfection. Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors should be minimal, but if one or two slip through, berating your marketer will crush morale. In turn, their creative juices will suffer and their motivations to produce regular content dwindle.

Our advice: small business owners should appreciate workers with multi-skill sets, as they can get the job done sufficiently and at a reduced cost. Once your business grows look to employ people who complement your marketer’s skills.


Business-minded people will want to see a return on investment, if you are paying x for marketing then you want to see a return greater than x.

Websites (especially new ones) take time to rank and for marketing changes to gain traction. They might take over 6 months of work before a steady flow of organic traffic starts to appear. Managers can often feel disappointed if nothing is happening and can question marketers. This leads to the discussion of the marketing strategy and if it is a worthwhile investment.

Our advice: Be patient, changes take time to come into effect and your hard work and effort will not be wasted.


Every business has a story, how products are formed, how they can help, benefits of service and useful knowledge for people looking to buy. Even if your product is not exciting, you will need to find ways of producing content to compete for traffic online.

Our advice: Hold brainstorming meetings and understand your customers in greater detail to plan content which can attract customers.


The more checks and decisions affecting the publication of content can drastically slow down the amount you produce. Owners of small businesses need to trust marketers and provide them with the resources they need. There have been times in the past I’ve produced content for small businesses and it hasn’t come back to me for weeks or even sometimes ignored. Having this barrier destroys the flow of regular content and affects the performance of your website.

Our advice: Lay down branding guidelines and topical areas the marketer can talk about. Let them use their creative juices and trust them. Regular meetings can help keep them on track and analyse where things are going.

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