Top 5 Tips for starting and building your twitter followers

Twitter is an excellent platform to give your business a voice and allow customers to connect with you. This can help to strengthen your bond with your loyal followers and provide them with the latest updates and knowledge surrounding your industry. In this blog we look at ways to start your account and begin building your twitter followers.

Brand your account

Make sure your twitter account is fully branded in accordance with your business guidelines. This encourages trust between your website and twitter account. Things to change include profile picture, background header, colour scheme and bio.

Follow any existing customers

A good way to get started is to follow customers who already know about your business. These people are highly likely to follow you back and have an interest in your content. Furthermore this could lead to increased likely hood of sharing content and growing your followers.

Follow relevant people in your industry

Similar to following existing customers, you can also follow relevant people in your industry. They are less likely to share your content, but you can pick up content ideas from them. If you interact and get to know reporters covering your industry you could increase chances of featuring in the press.

Share content

Your company will need to provide content for people to interact with. This can be in the form of blogs, images and videos. Putting more effort into producing better content will increase the likelihood of shares and engagement.

Sharing other people’s relevant content (keeping to branding guidelines) and interacting with articles is another great way of building your twitter followers.

Offer exclusive freebies

Everyone wants something for nothing, by giving things away via competitions or discounts exclusive to followers. You can grow you social base at a quicker rate. This obviously depends on budgets and the types of things you are giving away, the more valuable the more likely hood of entrants.

Mixing in competitions and exclusive discounts with regular content can go along way to building your twitter followers.


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