The Power of Remarketing – Is your Business Missing Out?

Remarketing is a powerful marketing activity which can help retarget people who have already visited your website. Research suggests those returning visitors (through remarketing) are 70% more likely to convert.

Is your business taking advantage of remarketing? If not, you should be!

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is where a person has who has visited your website is shown ads on selected platforms to encourage a return visit. These could be graphics, videos or text ads.

The ads don’t show up on new searches for related search terms, just where ad space is active on other sites.


How does remarketing work?

When you visit a site with remarketing functionality, a cookie is placed in your browser to inform the remarketing platform to serve a specific ad based on the site you’ve been on.

The company that wishes to run remarketing campaigns will usually install a tracking pixel from applications such as Google or Facebook.

Users that are logged into these platforms and visit those sites will be tracked.

The company can then target those visitors on the related platform. E.g Facebook Remarketing or Google Remarketing.

For example, if you’re logged in to Facebook and visit a golf website, then suddenly you might start seeing ads on Facebook related to that golf website. 

Remarketing ads usually have set time periods, so they might only show for 7 – 30 days after a visit. For products or services with short sales cycles they might only show ads for a short period of time, however, longer sales cycles could display for longer.


Remarketing Channels

Two of the main platforms of remarketing are Facebook and Google.


Facebook Remarketing

You can set up Facebook remarketing to target users who have visited your website, whilst logged in. This will show website visitors ads on the Facebook platform.

If your business is a business to consumer product or service, Facebook ads are a great choice for remarketing. 


Google Remarketing

Various websites with high traffic levels use Google Ads as a source of generating income. This allows Google to place ad’s within their website space. Therefore when scrolling through a website such as the Daily Mail you might see some ads for a website you’ve just been on. 

Google can also show ads within its other applications such as Gmail.

This method can be used by all businesses.



Many businesses focus their marketing budgets on driving traffic towards their website. However, many visitors leave as they are still in the research stage. By constantly reminding them about your brand you can greatly increase your chances of conversion.

Whilst remarketing can be extremely powerful, a lot will depend on the quality of your website and the design of the remarketing ads. Your website will need to look professional and have call to actions to drive conversions.

It’s also important to make sure you track campaigns and measure performance. Testing different ads and applying different targeting metrics can help drive greater conversions.


If you would like to learn more about remarketing or help setting up and running a remarketing campaign, please get in touch.

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