Why your small business should be blogging?

We believe blogging is the most important part of an internet marketing strategy. It helps your business generate consistent content, attract social media followers and provide an authoritative voice.

Generate Content

Google looks to rank websites which produce content regularly. A blog helps keep your site fresh and active, without disrupting the main look and feel to the site. If your site is static and not updated, the search engines may think the site has been abandoned and therefore penalised.

Social Media benefits

Your social media follows need fresh content to interact with your brand. The best way to do this is by sharing blogs and fresh content. Good content can generate likes and shares boosting your marketing reach and attracting new clients. Without blogging a company a company could struggle with positive outreach.

We believe that all companies should consider building a social media following. It helps the brand connect with loyal followers and builds trust.

Authoritative Voice

Blogging about your industry is a great way to become a powerful voice in your circles. People are more likely to trust and respect your voice with regular useful content. It’s important to consistently blog to maintain your authority in your niche.


What should I blog about?

Blogs are not ways to try to direct sell to viewers; they are for sharing useful information surrounding your products and services. This helps build your profile and trust within your industry. This then leads to brand loyalty, engaged visitors and natural sales.

What if I don’t have a blog?

Competitors could steal a march on your website rankings by blogging regularly. It’s wise to add one to your site and constantly update it. Static websites without updated content are sitting ducks to competitors who internet market.

What if I don’t have time to blog?

You can either hire a dedicated digital marketer or outsource your internet marketing to an SEO company.


If you wish to discuss the reasons why your small business should be blogging, get in touch with Pug Mug Marketing today.

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