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Capitalise on highly convertible leads

Only 2% of shoppers convert on their first visit to an online store. It’s Pug Mug Marketing’s job to help bring back the 98% through remarketing.

Effective remarketing can help push people back towards your brand and there is a 70% chance that they will choose you over your competitors. 


Have you recently searched for a product online, only to visit other websites and see ads for that same website? Coincidence right? Wrong! That’s basically companies performing remarketing campaigns to consistently remind you of their product.

The reason brands perform remarketing campaigns is that they know that people visiting their website are looking for their products or services. These people have a high chance of becoming a conversion.  

Remarketing is highly effective as it can reconnect with interested web visitors and continue to promote your brand. This is ideal as most people like to search around for the best price and do some product research. Having your brand constantly in their thoughts will go along way in helping them to choose your business.



The journey into remarketing starts off with your initial marketing efforts. This includes activity such as pay per click, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. All this effort should be geared into bringing people into your website. From there you can display further information about your services and lead visitors through sales funnels. 

When the customer has finished on your website they have 3 decisions. They can either convert by buying, fill in a lead capture form such as a newsletter or further information or they leave.

Remarketing allows you to bring those customers back to the site and push them back to the conversion funnels.


It’s important to understand your customers so you can drive remarketing success. Having a wide range of products or services could mean several campaigns with various tactics to drive success.

Let’s look at an example, say you’re a golfer and you would like to purchase a new driver. A driver is a golf club which allows golfers to hit the ball further. There are several reasons why a person might be a new driver such as breaking their current one, not having one or they wish to upgrade. There are also several factors that might sway the decision such as price, delivery time and brand trust.

We can test out different ads which focus on several of the reasons mentioned. You could use voucher codes to target price, wording to focus on hitting the ball further and next day delivery to target people who want it fast.



Research suggests that approximately 72% of buyers abandon their shopping carts. Only 8% of them return to make a purchase. Our job is to increase this. We can specifically target the users who have visited the cart using the cart URL’s.

These people have considered the possibility of buying and therefore extremely likely to convert.


Some products or services require large periods of time before making a decision. After several visits to the website over a course of months a buyer might be ready to convert. Remarketing, however, can help, by constantly reminding people about your business and drawing them back to the website.


Using Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We can use their powerful platforms to target users of these social media networks. This can be fantastic for businesses promoting a business to consumer product or service.

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