Primo Dialler

primo-dialler-case-studyPrimo Dialler offers predictive dialling solutions to call centres throughout the world. They approached Pug Mug Marketing as they wanted to improve their search engine visibility and explore other ways of driving traffic to the website.

Search Engine Optimisation

They had previously hired an SEO company who had actually decreased their traffic by causing the highest search volume keyword to drop. The first step was to undo this work and start focusing on the relevant keyword that drove the most traffic. Part of our SEO process involves researching the company, competitors and keywords to make sure we know which traffic will likely convert.

We implemented the new set of keywords within their metadata and current content. We also put together a content plan to target long-tail keywords which are relevant to the site.

As a result of our successful SEO campaign, we’ve increased organic traffic by over 42.9% and it continues to rise.

Social Media Management

Primo Dialler also lacked a social media strategy and hadn’t posted for a long time. Whilst their product is unlikely to drive mass followers it has the ability to be shown to various relevant contacts using the social networks. We created posts including images and video to share across their accounts.


Further developing our relationship we’ve been involved with changes to their website and producing company literature such as flyers and business cards.

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