Introducing Pug Mug Marketing

We are delighted to announce the launch of Pug Mug Marketing, an internet marketing company which can help build and promote sleek websites.

Why did we launch Pug Mug Marketing?

After working for several small companies with roles based in internet marketing. I gained a great deal of success for getting websites to rank for targeted keywords. It’s a lot harder to rank a new website and gain a constant flow of targeted traffic, than it is to rank a larger more establish brand.

Picking up tools, techniques and experience along the way, I feel I have gained the relevant knowledge to help other businesses gain traffic and take them to the next level.

Internet marketing involves a lot of skills, therefore it was only a matter of time before website development, social media management and graphic design were soon all added to the arsenal.

Why are we called Pug Mug Marketing?

Here at Pug Mug Marketing we are unique, to stand out we need to be memorable and a little different. When putting together information for my site, I was sat drinking tea out of my pug mug and it clicked. Pugs are awesome dogs (which connects emotionally with people), mugs as I like tea and marketing as that’s what we provide.

Why do we exist?

We aim to provide internet marketing and web design services in West Bromwich and the surrounding areas. We wish to help our local businesses gain traction online and attract a new channel of customers.

Plans for the future

Like many businesses we wish to grow our brand and help others gain an online presence. Our first aim is to be the biggest marketing agency within West Bromwich and then the world is our oyster.


If your business requires any internet marketing or web design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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