Why it’s important to keep your website content fresh

Would you read the same book after finishing it? Would you still go to the same restaurant if it had outdated interior? Do you still go to the gym if half the machines don’t work?

Google are no different, they want to see fresh website content to help keep customers engaged and attract them to keep coming back. If your website has been the same for a while, it’s unlikely that you are going to attract new and recurring visitors. When ranking similar sites, google looks at how fresh website content is.

In what ways can I keep my website content fresh?

New website pages

One way to keep your site fresh is to add new pages to the main part of your site. However ideas are usually limited as you will add most your main website content when you first launch the site. Ideas to keep your main pages up to date include testimonials, FAQs, new services.


For websites without a continuation of new products, a blog is the best way to continually add fresh website content. This method is used by many small businesses as it gives them a chance to share news, reviews and useful information relating to their services.

A blog allows your main site to stay consistent and keep content designed to rank discreet. By targeting related content your blog pages can rank for specific keywords and drive a host of relevant visitors.

New products

If your site sells products, it can continually add new items (and remove old ones) to keep your site fresh.

Most small businesses however don’t have much product range and therefore find it hard to keep the site fresh by replacing products and services.


It’s important as a website owner to think about how your site competes online and find new ways of income for your business. A simple blog is the easiest and most effective, however to drive traffic it needs to be targeted based on keyword research.

Here at Pug Mug Marketing, we offer SEO services which include website content production allowing your site to remain fresh and compete within search engines.

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