Why it’s important to build a social media following

It’s important for your business to start building a social media following, as it allows you to develop loyal brand enthusiasts, increase communication channels, increase reach and add business value. This in turn helps you drive traffic and encourage return visits, allowing you to drive more sales.

Develop loyal brand enthusiasts

If you provide excellent customer service and customers react positively, they could start to feel an emotional connection to your brand. If it’s a place where they shop regularly, they may wish to stay in touch for updates or advice. The easiest way for them to do this is to follow your company on twitter or Facebook.

Increase reach

New sites may take a while to get your site optimised and competing for search terms. However social media gives you an opportunity to drive traffic straight away. By sharing useful content and ‘@ mentioning relevant users’ and ‘# tagging’ you can increase your reach. Your loyal followers may also help spread your blogs, further increasing your views and connections.

This then drives more traffic to your site as you can reach new people who don’t know about your business. Friend recommendations usually highly respected amongst peers so social sharing can have a big impact on sales.

Increase communication channels

There are now multiple ways in which consumers can interact with brands. For convenience, it’s worth being active across multiple channels. This can allow customers to connect to you on which ever platform they are most active on.

Public communication can encourage you to help speed up responses and allow you to show excellent customer service in the public eye.

Find customer feedback

A lot of customers turn to social media to share images and write about their buying experiences. You can use this information to find out what people think of your brand and react accordingly.

Business Value

Social media can help increase your overall business value as large followings mean a large reach. This can influence investors as they can instantly have large amount of loyal customers to connect with. If managed effectively it can also have a great impact on sales.


How can I build my social media following?

One of the easiest ways of building a following is to share relevant and useful content. With regular posts, followers are likely to become more engaged. Content can be in various forms such as blogs, videos and images.

Another way of increasing your social media following is to engage with active users. If you discover social media users requiring help about your products or services, reach out to them. Try not to direct sell as it seems intrusive, but good guidance can help build relationships and attract other followers.


It’s important to get your business active on twitter and start engaging with potential customers. It can help develop a new method of gaining traffic to turn into sales and boosting overall business value.

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