The importance of mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites are sites which adapt to the viewers device, making it easier to read and view.

Originally websites were designed for desktop screens only and even then not able to detect screen sizes. Therefore users needed to scroll across to view content. Eventually browsers were able to detect screen size and adapt, making the viewing experience more fluent.

Along came mobiles phones and tablets and with the ease of access to the internet, a sudden surge of website traffic was from mobile devices. Websites were difficult to view as screens were small and users had to move around to read them.

Web designers developed ways in which websites could change and adapt depending on the type of device that was being used. Websites became a lot more easy to access and view on the move.

Why should your company have a mobile friendly website?

Googles algorithm has picked up on this and now favors mobile friendly websites. Helping sites that have adapted to outrank similar level websites without mobile optimisation.

Having powerful devices such as mobiles to hand make it easy to quickly search for say an “Internet marketing company in West Bromwich“, rather than booting up a PC or laptop.

Users who visit non mobile friendly websites, usually associate the brand with being behind the times. Therefore they may look for alternatives which offer better online experiences.

What could I do to resolve this?

Web design companies can update your website to make it more mobile friendly. Good companies should have already contacted you to let you know your site needs changing. Depending on how your website is put together, you might need a complete redesign.

Get in touch with your local web design company to find out more.

This is a great opportunity for you to refresh your website as Google dislikes static sites which don’t offer new and updated content.


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