Get ahead in 2017 by looking at your internet marketing strategy

Season’s greetings, 2017 is nearly here. As many businesses start to wind down for the year, here is your chance to get ahead.

Many businesses take the time to refresh their internet marketing strategy at the start of each year. However, this usually takes time to implement and for changes to start happening. Begin putting together your plan together now and get ready to start in the New Year.

Things which you need to consider:


Do you have a website? Has it been redone within 3 years? It’s important to create a modern up to date website to create an online presence.

It’s also important to look at refreshing the site to let your customers know that you are still in business. Would you leave a shop front window unchanged for a long period of time?

Internet Marketing Strategy

A website on its own is unlikely to drive traffic and start generating your business additional income. By investing in internet marketing such as SEO and regular blogging could help establish new channels of customers.

If your competitors are online and producing regular content you could be falling behind. Don’t wait any longer, start finding time or outsourcing content production as soon as you can.

Social Media Strategy

Grow your brand and increase your customer engagement by being active on social media. Share good quality content relating to your brand and your followers will naturally start to grow.

This can also help open new communication channels and find out what customers are saying about your brand. This information could be crucial to learning about your business and being able to respond accordingly.

Should I outsource or take on a full time employee?

If your skills don’t lie in web design and internet marketing, you may need to take on a full time employee or look to outsource to a different company. Check out our past blog on ‘should your company outsource’.


If you require any of the above services, and wish to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.