Corona Wars – Rise of The Economy

In the most recent Star Wars, the First Order (Coronavirus) is looking to take control of the Galaxy. Princess Leia (Boris Johnson) leads the resistance (The Keyworkers), whilst Rey leads the ground battle (Rishi Sunak battles to save the economy).


Princess Leia (Boris Johnson)

Leads the fight from the front, we’re looking for him to make the key decisions to fight off the coronavirus and keep the country safe. He suffered a vicious attack when the Coronavirus got to him, but his fight for survival is admirable and his return to the battlefield is eagerly anticipated.



The Resistance (Keyworkers)

Working as a team the resistance is doing a fantastic job in keeping people safe and providing supplies. The NHS are risking their lives to keep the resistance on the front foot. Supermarkets, Farmers and Local Shops are also doing their best to keep supplies available.


Rey (Rishi Sunak)

Has been thrown into the fight to save the economy, he takes on challenges of keeping businesses going and making sure they have the resources needed to survive. He has difficult decisions to make even with unclear paths to follow. Without much time to train, he’s been thrown into the deep end and the direction of the economy rests on his shoulders.



Luke Skywalker – Captain Tom

We all need a hero in times like this, someone who draws on his experiences to help boost morale and show moments of inspiration.

Up steps Captain Tom, a national hero, to restore the resistance’s decreasing spirits.


The story so far…

As the story continues, businesses that are continuing to find ways to trade and generate an income are also part of the resistance. Whilst they are not a necessity front line resistance, they are continuing to battle to save the economy. This, in turn, helps keeps things going and when we return, are going to be key to employment and getting the country back to normal.

Some businesses have shut down because it’s unsafe to operate. However, these businesses will be relied on in the final stage of the return of the economy. 

Rishi has been making decisions throughout and looks competent, but cracks are beginning to appear in some of his work. 

With small business owners on PAYE struggling to attract financial backing, we could lose many good businesses. 

His most recent path has chosen to back research and development companies which he believes are the future. 

Only time will tell if this is the right move.

Is it time for the rise of the economy?

Those businesses that have chosen to protect their staff through furlough that can continue to work. Should look to return to the battle. With bigger businesses closing their doors, smaller businesses who supply them or rely on their services are suffering.

If manufacturers stop making goods, businesses selling those items are unable to operate. Those that require those items to continue to sell are struggling to trade.

Businesses who outsource services such as marketing or HR have stopped requiring those services. This means those businesses are halting and even though they can operate remotely, are struggling to stay afloat. 

If restaurants for example close, it affects demand from suppliers and places a greater demand on supermarket visits. They could adapt their working areas to segregate staff, use contactless technology and focus on delivery services. The sudden stop could impact the suppliers have excess stock which is likely to go to waste. Financial problems could occur and when they return they might struggle to obtain stock.

If Rishi doesn’t want to invest in helping all businesses he needs to provide an opportunity for them to survive. It’s time to send out the call across the galaxy and encourage those that have shut which are still currently allowed to operate (albeit with social distancing rules).


The next steps of the plan

When Rishi makes the call, it’s time to open up businesses again, as safely as possible.

Figures show that only 5% of hospital admissions are 16-40-year-olds. These people should rejoin the battle as the ground troops for businesses as we look to start the economy. We should narrow this down to those with vehicles or those that walk to work, reducing the close contact of trains, buses and trams. This will at least slowly get businesses back to work with some staff whilst we continue to combat the First Order.

Those that need to look after children will continue to do so.

People should also continue to work from home if possible.

The workers returning to physical locations should adjust working spaces where possible to keep a distance from coworkers. This may include moving desks or marking out 2m distances. Minimise contact eg making co-workers tea.

All workers should wash hands-on entry and exit.

Any employee with signs of illness should be sent straight home, working area cleaned and made to stay at home for 14 days. Then rejoin the battle when safe to do so.

We should continue to monitor the effects and make sure there is no sudden spike in the Coronavirus victims.

Marketing could be the economies secret weapon

For businesses coming out of hibernation, they will need to rely on marketing to get the word out that they are back open for business. Whilst some businesses will remain shut, it’s going to be unclear who’s trading and who’s not.

If your in house marketers are still furloughed, you may look to agencies such as Pug Mug Marketing to help.

If you don’t have an in house marketing team, outsourcing will allow you to create a clear plan for generating interest in your product whilst you manage the return to trading.

What does the future hold for the economy?

We believe getting businesses running albeit with as much care and protection as possible would be key to the rise of the economy. 

Those that are vulnerable should continue to stay at home to protect themselves.

Whilst lives will still be lost and our thoughts and prayers go to the families that have been and will be affected.

If businesses don’t return soon, jobs will be lost, families will face financial ruin and the mental strain of this will continue to impact people throughout this fight.

If Rishi wants to save the economy he either needs to provide support for all or find ways to get the economy moving again.

Hopefully when the time is right businesses will come together to help support each other and try to recover the economy as quickly as possible.


Additional thoughts from Chewbacca:



May the force be with you.

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