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What is branding?

Branding is a marketing practice in which a company creates an identity using a name, logo, colour scheme which makes them easily recognisable and distinguish it from competitors.

A consistent brand following the latest guidelines is likely to be more attractive than similar-sized companies in the market place.

After defining your brand guidelines you have an excellent base for putting together future marketing material to make sure it’s consistent with your company and helping you to grow.


You will need branding if you’re a brand new company or wish to rebrand a current one.

New companies often want to get online and start selling as soon as possible. They usually start off with just a logo and hope everything else falls into place. This ends up with content using multiple different fonts and colour schemes and makes the business look a little unprofessional.

We would recommend creating a brand identity from the launch of the business as this saves time recreating content further down the line.

However, if your business is already established a rebrand might be required to bring a freshness to your company and bring it to modern standards.


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