7 things you should consider to make your website more effective

When creating a website you need to be different to stand out from competitors. However there are some key fundamentals which can help make your website more effective.

So what can we do to make your website more effective?

Make content easy to understand

Designing content which contains industry-specific jargon can cause a lot of confusion to readers. Making it easy for people to understand will help increase conversion rates.

Sometimes it might not be the decision-maker viewing the website, it could be a task for an apprentice or personal assistants. Writing in layman’s terms could help you appeal to a greater audience.

Think about what you are offering and your potential target market.

Be able to inform visitors what you do quickly

To reduce bounce rates and restrict annoying website visitors, you should inform ‘what you do’ and ‘who it’s for’ very quickly.

In today’s world, web site visitors are used to skimming and digesting information quickly.

If visitors view your site and it’s not what they are after, it can be frustrating. This leads to a poor visitor experience and reducing your sites conversion, lowering your web stats. These stats can have a negative impact on how well your website ranks within google.

Remember google wants to provide exact matches for their searchers.

Make your website mobile friendly

One of the biggest issues companies face is the shift towards mobile friendly websites. In today’s day and age people are glued to their mobile devices and therefore more searches are conducted via mobile phones.

Landing on websites which have not been designed for mobile can result in increased bounced rates and creating barriers to a sale.

Make contact details or relevant next step easily accessible

If your website has drawn a visitor in and they are happy with the information provided. They may wish to make an order or sign up to your service. By hiding contact details or making the customer jump through hoops to get there, could result in losing the customer.

Make your website more effective by having frequent links to contact details or sign up pages.


Visitors on your website need to be obtain the information they want quickly. They may want to find terms and conditions, FAQ’s or delivery options. Make sure important information is found easily and sub pages accessible via any relevant pages.

Sales Funnel

Thought needs to be put into your sales funnel to drive people to your call to action. By using monitoring software such as google analytics, you can track goals and find out information where your customers drop off. A goal might be something simple such as capturing an email address.

When designing the web page you may need to consider what path customers take to sale. For example customers might land on home > product information > delivery information and then wish to purchase. You need to have check out options easily accessible so the customer follows through. If you notice customer dropping off on the product information page, then you should A/B test ways to improve this.

Here’s a guide by the daily egg on how to create a sales funnel.

Consider videos

Google has started pushing towards artificial intelligence, monitoring how people interact with your site when they land. Therefore stats such as average site duration are a key area to improve. Making engaging content such as videos can be an excellent retention strategy.

With consumers wanting quick information, videos are the fastest way to get your message across.

Check this blog post from lemon light about how videos can help SEO.


By thinking about your visitors and making sure the website is designed exactly for them, you can improve customer experiences. This could lead to improved google metrics and increasing ranking. Therefore making your website more effective.

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